Entry#01 – Fantasy Shmup – anouncement of an arcade RPG game

Did you ever dream about rushing fast above your enemies while showering them with lightning bolts from your new crossbow that was combined for you couple hours ago at your own armory?

And maybe you ever dreamt about taking over countless hordes of bandits, orcs and other undeads and then face one of their mighty champions? And after winning this battle get all of treasures he had (among which one can find some interesting epic items;))?..

And then return to your home kingdom and give an order to members of engineer guild to build a Forge because the time has come to upgrade your chest armor and gloves that your wear for last 5 levels?

If so why not to make your dream come true?

Come a bit closer…I will tell you how to…

In Fantasy Shmup game you play as Prince Rigon, a Defender  of Ragoona Kingdom. With an aid of magic wings that let him float above the ground and crossbow in hands he has to fight back endless enemy armies that assault Ragoona.

Vile and evil King of the NorthLand sends upon Rigon’s lands deadly armies which pillage and burn villages. Orcs from Dusk Prairie also never give rest to kingdom troops. And not so long ago hordes of Undeads started assault from Eastern Wastelands destroying anything on their way.

Controlling a character in traditional Shoot’EmUp manner player stands against enemies on their own territory. He is trying not only to hold up their invasion but turn goes of war into way he need and at the end deal with that threat once and forever.

On winning battle Rigon become more experienced and stronger. In future it will give him access to new battlefields and let him cast a challenge to more powerful and dangerous enemies.

Besides of destroying live and not (hello, undeads!) enemy forces Rigon have to restore pillaged Ragoona by rebuilding structures destroyed by foes. For that purpose he will use different resources gathered on battlefield.

And he will need a lot of it. On one hand Capital need to be patched as soon as possible, and on the other Farms should be brought to an order. And you shouldn’t forget about Armory because new, more powerful and strong equipment never will be useless!

So load up your guns and bring your wings! We’re taking off…


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