Entry#02 – Fantasy Shmup – Portal system

“…Rigon took off his backpack and got a red velvet sachet with stitched gold runes from it. After searching awhile in a sachet he retrieved what was contained in. There were only three blue roundies. Not much but quite enough to get reach the Tenarian barrens. All what he need now is to find Dar’djukk strike squad and tear away his stinky green head before he brought his troops into warcamp of Gar’udak, the Human Dismember.

Prince put an empty sachet back into backpack and holding shards in his fist walked fast towards the Portal.

For long centuries this ancient monument was just a reminder that back in time people of Ragoona could use magic and operate such mechanism. And for now, when enemy stands at the gate of Kingdom, it seems that Portal had regain its power. Not all of its power of course… Nearly every trip demands energy shards to make a Portal glow. And it wasn’t so easy to get those shiny things. One can obtain it only from a dead body of a powerful enemy. The one such as Rigon went after.

Young warrior stopped in front of a Portal. He close his eyes and imagine a steppe burned by sun and green rill flow through it. Orcs on march. A huge Greeny, chained in armor, lead them. 

Rigon abruptly threw flickering with energy pieces in the air. Ancient stones of Portal became alive. Shards were pulled towards them and then devoured. Aperture of a Portal starts to glow and transfuse with all shades of blue.

            A winged man doesn’t wasting time take a step into the Portal…”


Base gameplay in Fantasy Shmup concentrates on an old good shoot’em up mechanics. Player should kill enemies as they appear at the top of the screen while they move to the bottom of it. At the end of each level character meets a Boss – the most fat and strong mob.

Levels divided into Tiers. In Tier-1 levels you will face mobs that can be handled by a low-level character in low-level gear. But in Tier-2 levels and higher player will counter much stronger villains. To deal with them you’ll need to equip Rigon with items that are equal to their level of threat.

Beside that there are a couple conditions you must face to access Tier-2 levels and above.

For fast travel between Ragoona and battlefield Rigon uses Portal. This Portal can bring player to Tier-1 mission without any fee. But for longer journey (Tier-2, Tier-3 and Tier4) Portal need to gain extra power. Such power can be borrowed from Energy Shards which drops from slain Bosses from previous Tier levels. And by the way you need at least 3 of them to operate Portal.

This means you need 3 Shards from Tier-1 missions to get to Tier-2.

And also Portal won’t let a hero into dangerous zones until he reach certain Hero level. For example to get access to Tier-2 missions you will need to be a 10 lvl Hero or so.


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